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How do you find your Element, where your natural aptitude meets personal passion? In the new book, Finding Your Element: How to Discover Your Talents and Passions and Transform Your Life, Sir Ken Robinson and Lou Aronica shares practical advice and resources to help people find their own Element.

Here’s some questions from the book to help you to start your journey and reflection in finding your Element:

Finding Your Element

  • What have been the most important influences and turning points in your life?
  • Which aspects of your life engage you most?
  • Which ones engage you least?
  • Do you know what your Element is?
  • Do you know what direction you want to move in?
  • What would you like to do that you haven’t tried yet?
  • Why haven’t you?

What Are You Good At?

  • What sorts of activities come especially easily to you?
  • What do you feel your natural talents are?
  • How did you first become aware of them?
  • Do you have any aptitudes that you’ve never considered developing?
  • Do you have any talents that you haven’t developed but wished that you had?
  • Do you have any talents that you’ve been discouraged from developing?
  • If you’ve ever taken any aptitude tests, did any of the results surprise you?
  • Which of your aptitudes do you think you could really develop if you tried?

How Do You Know?

  • How do you think and learn best?
  • Has anyone ever suggested that you might be good at something that you hadn’t considered?
  • Have you ever avoided doing something because you thought you wouldn’t be good at it?
  • Have you tried learning something you’re “not good at” in a new way?
  • Is there anything you feel you might be good at if you had the chance to work at it properly?

What Do You Love?

  • What sorts of activities lift your spirits and feed your energy?
  • What activities make time disappear for you?
  • Have you ever had an epiphany?
  • What was it and what have you done about it?
  • Are there things that you’ve always loved to do but not focused on fully?
  • What are the reasons for that?
  • When do you feel that you are being most true to your own spirit?

What Makes You Happy?

  • How does your sense of well-being compare with other times in your life?
  • When do you feel at your happiest?
  • Do you feel that what you spend most of your time doing has a real purpose, for you or for others?
  • Do you find that purpose personally rewarding? In what ways?
  • What would you think of as success in your life?
  • Which causes inspire you?
  • What would you include in your own “happiness project”?

What’s Your Attitude?

  • How much do you what to be in your Element?
  • How hard are you willing to work to get there?
  • Do you believe you deserve to find your Element?
  • What can you do to raise your belief in yourself?
  • How is your temperament affecting your pursuits?
  • What can you do to change the attitudes of those around you?

Where Are You Now?

  • How easily can you take a risk?
  • What are the biggest hurdles?
  • What would it take to get over them?
  • What would happen if you did?
  • What would happen if you didn’t?
  • Will your loved ones support you or oppose you?
  • How do you know?
  • Are you ready?

Where’s Your Tribe?

  • What sorts of people do you associate with your Element?
  • Do they interest and attract you or not? Do you know why?
  • If you know what your Element is, do you want to earn your living from it?
  • If you do, what do you feel about the professional culture that goes with it?
  • What practical courses or programs of study would interest you?
  • What key words would you use for an Internet search to find your tribe?
  • How do you feel about joining online groups or communities?
  • How do you feel about being a member of groups that meet in person?
  • What sorts of groups or events are you interested in attending?
  • What qualities would you look for in a coach or mentor?

What’s Next?

  • What experiences would you like to have that you haven’t had yet?
  • Are there things that you loved doing in the past that you would love to try again now?
  • What’s stopping you?
  • If you couldn’t fail, what would you most like to achieve?
  • How could you adjust to a change in financial circumstances?
  • What resources could you fall back on if absolutely necessary?
  • What’s next?

Check out the book and start finding your Element today!

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