How To Achieve Mastery In Your Life

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MasteryMastery is the feeling that we have a greater command of reality, other people, and ourselves. It is a form of power and intelligence that represents the high point of human potential.

If you wish to achieve mastery in your life, Robert Greene shares the following keys to mastery in his new book, Mastery.

Discover Your Calling: The Life’s Task

The first move towards mastery is always looking at who you really are inside and knowing it with clarity. You can search the past for signs of your inner voice or a core to your character. Enlarge your concept of work and see it as something more inspiring. You will eventually hit upon a particular field, niche, opportunity, or career that suits you.

Submit To Reality: The Ideal Apprenticeship

Learn the lessons and follow the path established by past and present great Masters. Master the necessary skills, discipline your mind, and transform yourself into an independent thinker. Keep in mind that an apprenticeship can come in many forms, from observation to skills acquisition.

Absorb The Master’s Power: The Mentor Dynamic

Choose a mentor who best fits your needs and connects to your Life’s Task. The right mentors know where to focus your attention and how to challenge you. Their experiences will teach you invaluable lessons and strategies for learning, and direct you away from unnecessary errors.

See People As They Are: Social Intelligence

Learn the ability to see people in the most realistic light possible and focus deeply on them, reading their behaviour and seeing what motivates them. Avoid the mistake of making judgements based on your initial impressions of people.

Awaken The Dimensional Mind: The Creative-Active

Expand your knowledge to related fields, giving your mind fuel to make new associations between different ideas. You must experiment and look at problems from all possible angles. As your thinking grows more fluid, your mind will become increasingly dimensional, seeing more and more aspects of reality.

Fuse The Intuitive With The Rational: Mastery

When you fuse your intuitive feel with rational processes, you expand your mind to the outer limits of your potential. Your intuitive feel is reached through your hard work, the depth of your knowledge, and the development of your analytical skills.

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