50 Favourite Rules From The Rules of Work by Richard Templar

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Rules of WorkRichard Templar’s bestselling book, The Rules of Work, lists the unspoken rules to learn at work. Here’s 50 rules that we like:

1) Walk your talk

  • Get your work noticed
  • Never stand still
  • Under promise and over deliver
  • Learn to ask why
  • Manage your energy

2) Know that you’re being judged at all times

  • Cultivate a smile
  • Exude confidence and energy
  • Pay attention to personal grooming
  • Speak well
  • Write well

3) Have a plan

  • Know what you want long term
  • Develop a game plan
  • Know yourself – strengths and weaknesses
  • Look for opportunities
  • Make learning a lifelong mission

4) If you can’t say anything nice – shut up

  • Don’t gossip
  • Be cheerful and positive
  • Use ‘please’ and ‘thank you’
  • Be a good listener
  • Only speak sense

5) Look after yourself

  • Set personal standards
  • Never cover up for anyone else
  • Cultivate your support/contacts/friends
  • Understand others’ motives
  • Put things in perspective

6) Blend in

  • Know the corporate culture
  • Be adaptable in your dealings with different people
  • Make your boss look good
  • Know the rules about the office hierarchy
  • Understand the herd mentality

7) Act one step ahead

  • Think one step ahead
  • Make your company better for having you there
  • Talk of ‘we’ rather than ‘I’
  • Spend more time with senior staff
  • Prepare for the step after next

8) Cultivate diplomacy

  • Know when to keep your opinions to yourself
  • Never lose your temper
  • Never get personal
  • Stand your ground
  • Be objective about the situation

9) Know the system – and milk it

  • Know what to call everyone
  • Know when to stay late and when to go early
  • Identify the people who count
  • Know the undercurrents and hidden agendas
  • Know the mission statement – and understand it

10) Handle the opposition

  • Study them closely
  • Don’t back-stab
  • Don’t give too much away
  • Keep your ear to the ground
  • Cultivate the friendship and approval of your colleagues

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