Lifestyle Entrepreneur – Make Money Doing What You Love, Even in Tough Times [Book Review]

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Lifestyle EntrepreneurJesse KriegerĀ  is a successful entrepreneur who has launched 5 businesses, traveled to and lived in over 25 countries, speaks at conferences, coaches entrepreneurs, and enjoys learning about new languages and cultures.

His new book, Lifestyle Entrepreneur – Make Money Doing What You Love, Even in Tough Times, is a guide for the new generation of entrepreneurs and business owners who believe in turning their passions into work, and having the freedom and mobility to live the lifestyle they desire while running their business.

In the book, Jesse explains that the first step towards becoming a lifestyle entrepreneur is to design your ideal lifestyle and build an identity. This is done through identifying overlapping interests in your Personal, Professional and Academic activities, and deciding on key activities to focus on. It is also important to believe in your passion and purpose, take action and learn along the way.

The next step is to set your vision and mission, and take action to build your business based on your lifestyle goals. Jesse describes four different types of business models that you could choose, depending on which one is right for you:

  1. Online-Custom: Custom offering of product or service transacted online
  2. Online-Standard: Identical physical or digital products transacted online
  3. Offline-Custom: Custom tailored product or service delivered in person
  4. Offline-Standard: Similar products and services delivered in person

The best part of the book is the introduction of an operations model, which explains step-by-step what is needed to have a lean business process that is systematized and outsourced, leaving you with more free time to live your desired lifestyle. The operations model looks at attracting customers to your website, converting visitors into leads, processing leads into sales, closing the sale, and sourcing for agents and manufacturers.

If you wish to run a business based on your passion, while having the freedom and mobility to live the lifestyle you desire, this book offers practical advice and tips to help you along your journey towards becoming a lifestyle entrepreneur.

Lifestyle Entrepreneur is published by Kanyin Publications in Malaysia and Singapore, and is available at all major book stores. Jesse is also giving away the first 60 pages of the book and a free 3-part Video Training Series at

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