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This article is contributed by Andrew Bryant, founder of Self Leadership International.

Whether you are running a small business or leading a multi-national company, building and protecting your reputation is essential. Consider some reputation disasters; Toyota denying their ‘sticky’ break pedals, Pizza Hut employees posting a Youtube video of of unsanitary food practices or United Airlines breaking guitars on the tarmac.

With blogs, YouTube and Facebook pages it is now possible for people to let the world know what they think about you.

Corporate reputation is based on the perceptions of any stakeholder group such as consumers, investors, employees, or key influencers. Charles J. Fombrun has listed six drivers of corporate reputation:

1. Emotional Appeal
– Good feeling about the company
– Admire and respect the company
– Trust the company

2. Products and Services
– Company believes in its products and services
– Company offers high quality products and services
– Develops innovative products and services
– Offers product and services that are good value

3. Vision and Leadership
– Has excellent leadership
– Has a clear vision for the future
– Recognizes and takes advantage of market opportunities

4. Workplace Environment
– Is well managed
– Appears to be a good company to work for
– Appears to have good employees

5. Financial Performance
– History of profitablility
– Appears a low risk investment
– Strong prospects for future growth
– Tends to outperform its competitors

6. Social Responsibility
– Supports good causes
– Environmentally responsible
– Treats people well

This list can be used as a scorecard to measure the health of your reputation. I recommend that you use it when having leadership meetings, getting employee and customer feedback. You must jealously guard your reputation for as Ben Franklin wrote, “It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it”

Source: Self Leadership Coaching Blog

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Andrew Bryant is a Certified Professional Speaker and is in demand worldwide as an inspirational conference speaker and facilitator. His book Self-leadership will be published in 2012 by McGraw-Hill.

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