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This article is contributed by Andrew Bryant, founder of Self Leadership International.

Many organisations are suffering a critical shortage of effective senior managers. A senior manager is usually a manager of managers or a manager that needs to lead highly competent individuals.

It is critical that that senior managers master some foundational skills if they are to be successful in this role. Here are some of the critical skills that I teach during my Critical Skills for Senior Managers Program.


It should be no surprise that as the author of a Self Leadership blog that I think it is critical that Senior Managers begin to master their Self-leadership. Self-motivation, Self-direction and Self-regulation enable the manager to ‘walk the talk’ and be a positive influence to those that they lead.

Transformational Leadership

Much of management is transactional; setting goals, giving feedback and achieving business objectives. A senior manager must continue to do these things whilst also being transformational. Transformational leadership is about creating and communicating a vision of “What can be”. Transformational leaders focus on people and the environment (culture) to achieve extraordinary results.

People Leadership

Senior Managers realise that they can’t get the job done without hiring, retaining and developing the right people. As a manager this is often handed off to HR but critical skills include coaching and mentoring as well as a deep understanding of what drives people and how to motivate them. Effective leaders know how to “read” people and use this skill to positively influence outcomes.

Creating a Positive Performing Culture

We are strongly influenced by our environment and the people around us, it is therefore critical that the Senior Leader understands how to create a positive performing culture. Cultures can be subtle or obvious but we usually know what counts for success in any situation. By purposefully acknowledging and validating the behaviours that count, the senior manager can create high performing teams and an environment where people want to work and exercise Self-leadership.

Obviously these ideas are just a broad overview, if you would like to take a deeper dive, why not contact Self Leadership International or attend our program in Singapore on May 24-25, 2012.

Source: Self Leadership Coaching Blog

About Andrew Bryant

As a globally recognized authority on self-leadership and developing people, Andrew Bryant is highly sought after for his ability to inspire people to question conventional wisdom and take actions that result in positive outcomes. His unique presentation style blends constructive realism with humor to entertain and engage audiences worldwide.

Andrew has extensive experience as a consultant and executive coach to senior leaders, leadership and sales teams across the Asia Pacific region. He is the founder of Self Leadership International, a provider of Leadership and People Development Solutions including: consulting, coaching, facilitation and training.

Andrew Bryant is a Certified Professional Speaker and is in demand worldwide as an inspirational conference speaker and facilitator. His book Self-leadership will be published in 2012 by McGraw-Hill.

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