Daniel Goleman and the Science of Social Intelligence

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Many people have read or heard about Daniel Goleman’s bestselling classic book, Emotional Intelligence, but not many have read his follow-up book published in 2006 on the science of human relationships, called Social Intelligence.

Goleman explains that humans are wired to connect, and that Social Intelligence is made up of social awareness, which refers to what we sense about others, and social facility, which refers to what we then do with that social awareness.

Social awareness includes:

  • Primary empathy: feeling with others and sensing non-verbal emotional signals
  • Attunement: listening with full receptivity and attuning to a person
  • Empathic accuracy: understanding another person’s thoughts, feelings, and intentions
  • Social cognition: knowing how the social world works

Social facility includes:

  • Synchrony: interacting smoothly at the nonverbal level
  • Self-presentation: presenting ourselves effectively
  • Influence: shaping the outcome of social interactions
  • Concern: caring about others’ needs and acting accordingly

Goleman argues that our interactions with others have the power to shape our brains, nourish us, and support our health.

Watch Daniel Goleman introduce his book on Social Intelligence:

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