Dating 101 by Singapore’s Social Development Network

January 15, 2012 by  
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More Singaporeans are remaining single or getting married at a later age, while married couples are having less babies. This poses a big problem for the country’s declining birth rate and aging population.

That is why the Singapore government has a department called the Social Development Network (SDN), whose vision is to “promote marriages and nurture a culture where singles view marriage as one of their top life goals.”

To help single Singaporeans, the SDN has published a simple guide called Dating 101, to help educate them on the basics of dating and tips on what to do, including getting ready to date, going out, online dating, becoming an item, and breaking up.

If you are clueless on dating, you can download Dating 101 for some useful tips! SDN also provides other resources and online forums for singles to interact with one another.

Images: Screenshot of Dating 101 by Social Development Network

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