20 Success Quotes From Adam Khoo’s Winning the Game of Life! (Part 2)

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Are you a self-made millionaire at 26?

If you’re not, then you have much to learn from Adam Khoo, Singapore’s very own success expert. Adam is a best-selling author and entrepreneur, and most well-known for being a self-made millionaire by the age of 26. He runs the Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group and other businesses with a combined annual turnover of $30 million.

Adam’s latest book, Winning the Game of Life!, shows you how to develop the mindset and strategies to be successful in life. The book is a gem packed with practical success strategies, tips and inspiring stories. Highly recommended for the aspiring achievers in Asia! Get your copy from major bookstores in Singapore.

Watch Adam introducing his new book:

Can’t wait to read the book? Here’s a sneak peek of our favourite 20 success quotes from the book:


If you want to change your life in any area, you have to change those habits that are creating those specific results. No matter how many goals you set or how much you believe that you can achieve it, if you don’t change your habitual daily actions, your life will never get better.


In fact, negative emotions serve a positive purpose. They are signals that tell us that we need to change something. They are giving us the message that we need to either change our perception or our actions!


Think about it. Are you a better version of yourself every year? Are you still running your mind on version 1.0 or have you upgraded to version 3.0? Do you create more value with new ideas, knowledge and skills constantly?


Your mind may take you far, but your heart must be continuously inspired and expanded if it is to give you the determination and spirit to overcome your challenges and to go the distance.


It is not the smartest and most talented who claim the eventual prize of victory. The ones who reap the greatest rewards in life are those who can take the most number of rejections, failures and setbacks and keep taking actions towards their goals. This is one of the most important defining factors of success.


Every adversity carries with it, the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit. Having this faith is what gives people the strength to go through the toughest times of their life. This faith is also what gives them the insight and open mind to discover the lessons and opportunities within their adversities that will allow them to emerge even stronger than before.


When you love yourself, you will want the very best for yourself. You would set high standards for yourself, believing that you deserve only the best in life. You would demand the best: the best career, the best relationships and the best lifestyle. You would not allow yourself to accept mediocrity.


Learning to be sincerely grateful for what you have and putting yourself in a state of ‘thankfulness’ increases your psychological as well as physical well-being. In other words, being grateful makes us happier as well as healthier.


The first thing to realize is that happiness is a state of mind. Material acquisitions and events are not the source of our happiness. It comes from within you. You don’t have to achieve something to be happy. Instead, you choose to be happy.


Remember that at the end of the day, success is not just about how much you have achieved or have gained. It is about how well you have enjoyed your life and, more importantly, how you have contributed to enhance one or more other person’s life.

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Source: Quotes are extracted from the book published by Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group Pte Ltd

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